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Housing and Regeneration - Data Sources and Suitability


The Scottish Government housing statistics team is responsible for collection, preparing and publishing statistical information on a range of housing topics. Further guidance on the collections, procedures, and users of the statsitics are provided in the documents at the links below.

Our users vary depending on the type of statistics, but often include a range of colleagues involved in policy making, and analysts in areas such as National Records of Scotland. External users include the Office of National Statistics, the Scottish Parliament, and other external bodies such as the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, Shelter, local authorities and social landlords. We respond to ad-hoc requests from a range of users who are interested in housing.

Guide to sources and uses

The “Guide to sources and uses” document provides information on data sources, definitions, uses, and comparability.

Quality and meeting user needs.

The “Data quality and meeting user needs” note outlines the quality of figures that are published, the quality assurance processes, known data quality issues that may impact on accuracy, and what we know about our users and how we aim to meet their needs.

Revisions policy

The revisions policy, which has been developed in accordance with the UK Statistics Authority is outlined in this note.

A note describing revisions made to social sector starts and completions (2008) is also available.

Explanation of quarterly housing statistics

The "Explanation of Quarterly Statistics" document provides a detailed explanation of the quarterly new build housing statistics, including the categorisation of new build houses into private led, LA-led or housing association led, and some issues that can affect the accuracy of this. Also included in the note are some issues to consider around comparability and seasonality.

Estimated costs of responding

The “Estimated costs of responding” note provides a description of costs associated with responding to the Housing Statistics Annual Return collection in 2011/12 is described in this note.