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SCORE - new lets by Registered Social Landlords


The Scottish Government (SG) has taken a decision to cease the SCORE data collection.

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What is SCORE?

SCORE (Scottish Continuous Recording system) collects information from Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) about the new lets they are making in any given year. The information collected includes:

  • the demographic characteristics of tenant households;
  • the pathway by which a household has become a RSL tenant;
  • the financial profile of tenant housholds;
  • the type and condition of the property being let;
  • the financial aspects of the let being made, including rent and affordability.

Full details of the information currently collected through SCORE can be found in the lettings log which is completed by RSLs for each new let during a year.

SCORE data forms an invaluable source of information on a range of issues related to new lets in the Scottish social housing sector. For example, it can be used in assessments of housing issues such as effectiveness of equal opportunities policies, levels of rent and housing benefit-eligible service charges and efficient management of stock.

Further details of how SCORE data can be used is available here: SCORE uses .

Reports and analysis of SCORE data, along with details of how to access more detailed information from the SCORE dataset, can be found here: SCORE results.

Information for RSLs

Information for RSLs participating in or looking to participate in SCORE can be found here: Information for RSLs.