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Published 12 October 2018

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Scottish Government - Housing Revenue Account Statistics 2017-18


Balance of HRA housing income and expenditure

  • Total HRA housing income was £1.1bn in 2017-18, of which around £625m was spent on the day-to-day management and maintenance of housing and around £275m on loan charges.

Scottish council housing stock and rents

  • There were 310,150 council houses in Scotland as at March 2018.This is adecrease of around 2,000 houses since March 2017. However, the number is forecast to rise to 311,320 (up 1,200) by March 2019. Average rent per house was £69 per week in 2017-18, up by just under £1.50 on 2016-17. In 2017-18 average rents ranged from £57 per week in Moray to £94 in the City of Edinburgh.

Management and maintenance of stock

  • Average expenditure on management and maintenance was £1,990 per house in 2017-18. Within this supervision and management costs were £790 per house, whilst repairs & maintenance costs were £1,200  per house.

Empty properties and rent arrears

  • Councils lost almost £18.5m due to empty properties (void losses) on all properties in 2017-18 or 1.6% of the Standard Rental Income on these properties, about the same in the last two years but below the peak of 3.7% in 2002-03.

Housing Debt

  • Total estimated council housing debt stood at £3.6bn in 2017-18 a decrease of around £5m (0.1%) on the previous year.

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