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Scottish Government Health Statistics

ISD NSSThe Scottish Government produces a range of information on Health and Social Care.

For statistics relating to Hospitals and other areas of the NHS in Scotland, see NHS Scotland's Information Services Division (ISD).

Health of Scotland's Population

Care Experience Surveys

Care Experience Survey ProgrammeThe Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme is a suite of national surveys which aim to provide local and national information on the quality of health and care services from the perspective of those using them. The surveys allow local health and care providers to compare with other areas of Scotland and to track progress in improving the experiences of people using their services.

Community Care and Older People

older person careStatistics on care provided to people in the community. Includes, home care, self-directed support, free personal care, respite care and others.

Community Care and Older People - Datasets and Publications

Mental Health & Learning Disability Inpatient Bed Census

Results and information from the most recent Inpatient Census, including:

  • Mental Health & Learning Disability Inpatient Bed Census
  • Out of NHS Scotland Placements
  • Hospital-Based Complex Clinical Care & Long Stay

Inpatient Census

Scottish Health Survey

The Scottish Health SurveyThe Scottish Health Survey (SHeS) provides a detailed picture of the health of the Scottish population in private households.

Health Inequalities

Health InequalitiesOur Health Inequalities pages include links to the latest reports and web tables.

Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS)

SALSUSThe Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) is part of an important and long established series of national surveys on smoking, drinking and drug use. The survey is conducted on a biennial basis, targeting secondary school pupils in local authority and independent schools.

Healthcare Quality Indicators - 4 Nations

In response to the OECD’s Reviews of Health Care Quality – United Kingdom report published in 2016, the lead health and social care government statistician groups in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland collaborated to produce an experimental statistics product. This report can be accessed through the following link and draws together a small number of OECD healthcare quality indicators presented for each of the 4 nations. It is important to stress that this experimental statistics product does not provide a full and comprehensive assessment of the quality of individual healthcare systems across the UK, and should not be used to draw such conclusions. The primary purpose for producing this product at this time is to invite user feedback, and in particular to receive comments on how the product might be developed further. Suggestions are most welcome and can be emailed to Pete Whitehouse .

Other sources

Other sources for health and community care statistics in Scotland include:

Equivalent data for other parts of the UK can be found at:

Health and Community Care statistics in more detail