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Contacts & Mailing List

This section provides contact details of the Scottish Health Survey Team, brief details about the Scottish Health Survey Project Board, and how to register on our mailing list to keep up to date with new publications and information relating to the Scottish Health Survey.

If you have been contacted and would like to talk to someone about the study, please call the freephone number below:

Tel. 0800 652 4569


For any Scottish Health Survey queries please contact:

Julie Landsberg 0131 244 2368

Morag Shepherd 0131 244 6165

Analytical Services (HD)
Population Health (ASD Health)
Basement Rear, St. Andrews House
Regent Road

All of the above can be contacted through: 



Remit of the Scottish Health Survey Project Board


The Scottish Health Survey is managed by a project board which meets twice a year.  Previously there was a steering group and a technical working group.  These two groups have been merged to form the project board.

The Scottish Health Survey Project Board plays a key role in the governance of the Scottish Health Survey, alongside the SG Project Manager, Divisional lead/Information Asset Owner and a wider network of users.

The Board is responsible for making or agreeing strategic decisions about the survey.  This includes:

  • Discussing potential changes to the questionnaire and agreeing major changes such as new topics for inclusion or topics to be removed.

  • Agreeing the dissemination strategy for the survey.

  • Where appropriate, agreeing any major changes to the methodology of the survey or new modes of data collection.

  • Where feasible, supporting the Project Manager and contractor in efforts to improve response and minimise bias in the survey.

  • Agreeing appropriate action in response to fieldwork and other contract performance issues (non-contractor members).

  • Making decisions in relation to the procurement or extension of the survey contract(non-contractor members).

  • Providing input into the content of publications.

  • Providing a link to users including health boards and other local areas.

The membership of the board is as follows:

  • Neil White (Senior Statistician, Health & Social Care Analysis) CHAIR
  • Julie Landsberg (Statistician and Survey Manager, Health & Social Care Analysis)
  • Sarah Martin (Statistician, Office of Chief Statistican and Data Officer)
  • Colin Fischbacher (NHS Information Services Division(ISD))
  • Gerry McCartney (NHS Health Scotland)
  • Bruce Whyte (Glasgow Centre for Population Health)
  • Gregor Smith (Deputy Chief Medical Officer)
  • Daniel Kleinberg (Health Improvement and Equality Division)
  • Penny Curtis (Mental Health and Protection of Rights Division)
  • John Froggatt (Child and Maternal Health Division)
  • Tom Ferris (Deputy Chief Dental Officer)
  • Derek Grieve (Active Scotland Division)
  • Linsay Gray (Medical Research Council (MRC), survey user)
  • Clare Campbell (NHS Fife, representing all health boards)
  • Joanne McLean (ScotCen – survey contractors)
  • Lucy Dean (ScotCen – survey contractors)



Mailing List


If you would like to be kept informed of our progress - you can visit the SCOTSTAT pages to register an interest in "Scottish Health Survey" and you will receive periodic up-dates (not more than 6 a year).