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Analyst Help

This section provides guidance on undertaking analysis of the Scottish Health Survey datasets.

Quick Links to information relating to survey design, sample sizes and an overview of survey content, previous survey questionnaires, how to download SHeS datasets, accessing survey documentation, variable lists, links to previous publications including Technical Reports for each survey and details concerning revisions and corrections to published data are given below.

Specific Technical Help is given opposite for those analysing the data using SPSS or SAS, including tips before starting data analysis, how to create tables in SPSS/SAS including worked examples with the relevant syntax/code relating to recent Scottish Health Survey publications, how to replicate previously published tables, including the corresponding SPSS syntax and relevant variable names, how to produce confidence intervals around your estimates in SPSS/SAS, how to produce age standardised estimates in SPSS/SAS and how to undertake deprivation analysis.  Further Help for those using SPSS or SAS with links to detailed user guides and Useful Links is also given opposite.

Scottish Health Survey Data Quality Control Procedures on analytical data are outlined below.

If you require further help regarding analysis of the Scottish Health Survey data, please contact one of the Scottish Health Survey Team


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Data Quality Control Procedures on Analytical Data

Data quality control checks are undertaken on the Scottish Health Survey analytical data during each of the core survey stages. Please refer to our Data Quality Control document which summarises the specific procedures carried out during data collection, data entry, data cleaning and survey documentation of the data.