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Scottish Health Survey Revisions and Corrections

Revisions and corrections to previously published Scottish Health Survey data are dealt with in accordance with the Scottish Government Statistician Group corporate policy on revisions and corrections - a copy of which is available via the following link:

Current Practice on Revisions and Corrections

We undertake to publish any corrections to the published data as soon as they become available.

The electronic version of previously published reports HAVE NOT been updated to take account of these corrections. Please refer to the relevant revisions document below BEFORE accessing the corresponding main report to check whether the table you are interested in has been revised.


An error was discovered in the health board tables for 2008-2011 combined.  This affects Table 24 relating to outpatient attendances.  The error has now been corrected and a revised table is available within the spreadsheet.  The incorrect table is still included within the spreadsheet to allow users to identify the impact of this change.


An error was discovered with the 2009 (and 2008/2009) survey weights which has a very minor effect on the published estimates in the 2009 annual report and web tables. Although in the majority of cases the effect is very small (less than one percentage point) it does impact on the majority of tables. Separate revisions spreadsheets have been created for each chapter to make them easier to download. These also include details of the small number of tables which were revised prior to the discovery of the weighting error.

2009 revisions summary (last updated 27/09/11)

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 /

Web Tables

Revised 2009 and 2008/2009 datasets have been lodged with the ESDS Data Archive and are now available for download. Links to the data archive are available on the datasets page.

2008 and earlier

Revisions 2008 - contains all tables revised since publication of the 2008 report. Last updated 14/04/2010 (contains 6 tables).

Revisions Pre-2008 - contains all tables revised prior to the 2008 publication (ie 1995 - 2003). Last updated 24/3/10 (contains 1 table).