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The results of the 2018 Maternity Care Survey have now been published. Just over 2,000 women responded to the survey - a huge thank you to all of them. The survey found that women were generally very positive about their experience of maternity care services. At least nine in ten women rated their overall experience of antenatal care, labour and birth, neonatal care and postnatal care in hospital as 'Excellent' or 'Good'.

Survey results are available at the following links:

An infographic looking at specific aspects of care across the maternity journey is also available.

More information, including copies of the survey materials and review papers, can be found on the 2018 Survey page.


About the Survey

The Maternity Care Survey asks women about their most recent NHS maternity care experience.  It covers the maternity care journey from antenatal care through to care at home after the birth.

Through the Maternity Care Survey, we want to hear from women across Scotland about their maternity care experiences.  The survey responses inform local services, including NHS Boards, about experiences of maternity care, highlighting where things are going well and where they could be improved.  

The 2018 survey is the third run of the Maternity Care Survey.  It was first run in 2013 and then again in 2015. For further details on each survey, including copies of the questionnaire and all publications, please select the relevant link:

The survey and sampling approach for each survey has been developed by the Scottish Government in consultation with a range of stakeholders including NHS Boards. Each survey involves a random sample of women who have recently given birth being invited to complete a questionnaire. The survey can be completed online; via a paper questionnaire and returned by post or by phone.


If you have any queries about any of the Scottish Care Experience Surveys, please email patientexperience@gov.scot.