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Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme Interactive Dashboards

All local results for the surveys within the Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme from 2017 onwards, have been published via an interactive dashboard:


Guidance for Users

These interactive dashboards provide users with a more flexible tool to look at the results and comparisons of most interest to them. Users can select both the level of interest and the level of comparison of interest from drop-down menus at the top of the dashborads. The levels available will vary depending on the survey.

General notes on how to interpret the data are provided alongside each dashboard and these should be considered when interpreting the data. Some additional information can also be found by hovering over the text and charts. Time series is available underneath the main charts in some dashboards by selecting a specific question of interest.

A very short, illustrative guide on how to use the dashboards can be found in this tweet. More detailed explanatory notes on how to navigate the dashboards are available on the website text accompanying the dashboards. Specific guidance on how to download and print images of the dashboards has also been provided.