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Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey

2014 Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey

The Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey was run once in 2014 and asked about people's experiences of: consent, information received before radiotherapy treatment, website information, radiotherapy treatment, information given about support, information following treatment and overall radiotherapy care. It was based on the English Radiotherapy Survey 2013 with some minor amendments to the questions.


The survey was administered through five Scottish radiotherapy centres between February and July 2014, with staff handing it out to patients who had undergone their final radiotherapy treatment.


If you have any queries about any of the Scottish Care Experience Surveys, please email patientexperience@gov.scot.


National and local results for the Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014 were released on 25 November 2014.


National Results

The national report presents results for Scotland detailing patients' experiences of their radiotherapy care from their initial contact with staff around consent for treatment through to information about support and follow-up care.


Local Results

Reports for the five radiotherapy centres in Scoltand are detailed below. They provide detailed results for each survey question as well as comparisons with Scotland.

Survey Documents

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Title:Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014
Description:Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014
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