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2011/12 Health & Care Experience Survey

The survey was sent to a random sample of patients who were registered with a GP in Scotland in October 2011 for completion between November 2011 and January 2012. The survey repeats the 2009/10 survey with additional questions on referrals, out-of-hours services and outcomes from NHS treatments.

A total of 605,896 questionnaires were sent out and 145,569 were returned, giving a response rate of 24 per cent. This response rate may seem low compared to other, similar, surveys – this is largely because most surveys of this type include reminder letters, but this sample was designed to achieve the required number of responses for each GP practice without sending any reminders. More information on the survey design, response rates and methodology can be found in the Technical Report.

Note: This survey was previously known as the Patient Experience Survey of GP and Local NHS Services 2011/12.


PLEASE NOTE: The results in these reports are based on the weighting methodology applied at the time. Full details of this methodology can be found in the Technical Report below. The weighting methodology used was reviewed ahead of the 2017/18 survey and so these results are no longer directly comparable with relevant questions in the 2017/18 survey.

Survey Documents

Additional Analysis

Downloadable documents:

Title:Health and Care Experience Survey 2011/12
Description:Health and Care Experience Survey 2011/12
File:GP Practice Level Results [XLS, 1407.5 kb: 09 Feb 2017]
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File:HEAT GP Access Standards [XLS, 316.9 kb: 09 Feb 2017]
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