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The Same as You?

In May 2000, the Scottish Executive published The same as you? review of services for people with learning disabilities. Its 29 recommendations for developing learning disability services set out a programme for change over 10 years.

The same as you? signalled a fundamental change in the way services were provided for adults with learning disabilities. Increasingly services are no longer focussed on buildings, whether in a hospital or Day Centre. People with learning disabilities are now living in the community, often with their own tenancy in a house or small group accommodation. New style day services are being introduced, with a focus on people, and a variety of things to do. More people with learning disabilities are doing activities during the day that are stimulating and include them in the community.

As part of the process of implementing The Same as You? a new annnual survey began in 2003.

The Same as You - Publications

The statistical releases for The Same as You? are listed in the table below by year of publication.

The 2008 and 2009 publications are available from the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD) - Statistics Releases.

2007March 2008
2006March 2007
2005May 2006
2004May 2005
2003February 2004