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Latest Publication and Data

"Social Care Services, Scotland, 2018" is being published by ISD Scotland who have taken over this data collection.  For more information please contact

"Social Care Services, Scotland, 2017" was published on 19 December 2017. The latest publication report and accompanying charts and tables can be found here (click on picture below):

Social Care Survey 2017

We have also released a more detailed spreadsheet to accompany our publication. This contains data for Home Care going back to 1998, Community Alarm/Telecare and Direct Payments (click on picture below):

Additional Spreadsheet 2017

Please note that the file contains macros. When opening the file you may be asked whether you wish to "enable" or disable" macros. You must select "Enable macros", otherwise the template will not function correctly.


Self-directed Support

The 2016-17 report on Self-directed Support was published on 14 August 2018. 


The first report on Self-directed Support was published on 05 July 2016 and the second report on 11 July 2017.


If you have trouble accessing any of the spreadsheets please email


Social Care Fact Sheet (2015)

summary factsheet of the 2015 Social Care Survey data is now available online. This provides a high-level overview of trends, Home Care, Direct Payments and Community Alarm services received in Scotland in 2015, and can be printed out in poster format:

Social Care Survey poster, 2015

Social Care - Publications

Previous statistical releases for Home Care and Direct Payments are listed in the tables below by year of publication. From 2013, information on Home Care and Direct Payments is included as part of the Social Care Services publication.


Social Care Services publications:

Year Published   Link
2018 Aug-18 Self-directed Support
2017 Dec-17 Social Care Services

2017 July-17 Self-directed Support
2016 Nov-16 Social Care Services
2016 July-16 Self-directed Support
2015 Nov-15 Social Care Services
2014 Nov-14 Social Care Services
2013 Nov-13 Social Care Services


Home Care publications:

Year Published Link
2012 Nov-12
2011 Nov-11
2010 Nov-10


Direct Payments publications:

Year Published Link
2012 Sep-12
2011 Sep-11
2010 Sep-10


Social Care Survey

Information on Home Care services has been collected by the Scottish Executive since the 1980's by means of an annual census. The census covers all home care services provided or purchased by Scottish Local Authorities. An aggregated table return for the home care statistical collection was introduced in 1998, called the H1. Local authorities were asked to provide details of all home care services provided by their own staff, and in addition, services bought in from other local authorities, and private / voluntary organisations. Information on client age, for level and type of service was introduced to the collection in 2005.

A revised Social Care statistical collection was introduced in 2013, which incorporated the previously separate Self-Directed Support/Direct Payments survey into the Home Care census. Information was collected on an individual basis for each Home Care client receiving home help services, meals services and community alarm / telecare services, as well as for clients receiving Direct Payments. Further information is available from

Data is usually collected with respect to the last week in March.

Home Care - Dataset

There are home care datasets from 2010 to 2012 which are available as CSV files containing data on social care clients who receive a home care service. The data available within the files is at an individual level but has had certain characteristics either banded or removed to ensure the data is not disclosive. Therefore data is only available for clients aged 18 and over.

It is important that before downloading and using the data available that you first read the metadata available. This contains background information on the data collection, information on the number of records and variables within each of the files.

Home care public release files

If you have any feedback on the data/information available please e-mail