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Health and Community Care - Datasets

Expenditure on Social Care Services

The "Expenditure on Adult Social Care Services, Scotland, 2003-04 to 2013-14" publication provides high level analysis of expenditure over the decade prior to Health & Social Care integration. The accompanying data spreadsheet allows for detailed (service-type and client group) analysis of the expenditure data to be undertaken at the local authority level.

Table 1A in the spreadsheet has been updated to show expenditure on Adult Social Care Services for 2003-4 to 2016-17.

Raising the Charging Thresholds for non-residential Social Care services:

This paper summarises estimates of the cost and numbers of people likely to benefit from raising the buffer applied to charging thresholds for non-residential social care from 16.5% to 25%.  Local authorities can charge people for Social Care services provided in their own homes or in the community.  The Local Authority will assess a person’s ability to pay for Social Care and ensure they have the minimum amount they need to live on: this is called the charging threshold.