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Community Care and Older People - Datasets and Publications

Welcome to Health and Community Care Statistics - bringing you a wealth of information across the whole range of health and social care services for adults in Scotland.

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Current statistical datasets

  • Social Care Services (Updated December 2017). Figures at national and local authority-level from our annual Social Care Services publication. This features services provided or purchased by local authorities in Scotland, including Home Care and Direct Payments.
  • Mental Health Census (Updated 2019). Census carried out since 2014 by NHS Boards returning data on inpatients in a mental health, learning disability or addiction bed in NHS Scotland on the Census night. Includes further returns on patients funded by but treated outwith NHS Scotland. As well as data on long stay and HBCCC patients.  
  • Carers  (Updated December 2015). Includes information from the new "Scotland's Carers" publication, which pulls together data from a variety of sources to explore how many people in Scotland are providing unpaid care and support to family members, other relatives, friends and neighbours. Also includes information on Respite Care provided to carers by local authorities in Scotland. Data available from 2007.
  • Free Personal and Nursing Care (Updated August 2019). Free Personal & Nursing Care was introduced by the Scottish Government in 2002 to people aged 65 and over. Information is included on amount spent on FPNC payments and the number of people receiving the payments either in their own home or in Care Homes.
  • Expenditure on Social Care Services (Updated March 2015). Information from the new "Expenditure on Adult Social Care Services, Scotland, 2003-04 to 2013-14" publication, which provides detailed analysis of expenditure on services provided, or purchased, by local authorities over the decade prior to Health & Social Care integration.
  • Mental Health Officers (Updated May 2014). Information in regard to the number of qualified Mental Health Officers (MHOs) who are practising within Scotland on the 31st March. Data available from 2008-09.
  • Blind and Partially Sighted (Updated December 2010). Annual data return on the number of people registered blind or partially sighted. Please note that registration with Local Authorities for blind and partially sighted persons is not compulsory. Data available from 1998.
  • Quarterly Survey (Updated August 2017). Survey of Local Authorities asking for information on Community Care Assessments and Eligibility Criteria and Waiting Times for Social Care services. Most recent data is for the quarter January-March 2017.
  • Care Home Census (ISD Scotland - Updated October 2015). The latest publication by ISD Scotland from the annual Care Home Census. Information is available on the numbers of Care Homes and residents in Scotland.
  • National Performance Indicators

Other statistical datasets


Other Community Care statistical collections / reports that may be of interest:


Last updated File type Period covered
The Same as You? - review of services for people with learning disabilities. (now published by the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities) March 2008 PDF/HTML 2003 to 2007
Day Care - information on Day Care services for older people and adults with Learning disabilities, mental health problems, physical disabilities or from other client groups. (no longer collected) March 2007 Excel

2001 to 2006

The future care of older people in Scotland update of the 2004 Range of Capacity review. Outlines projections of the number of community care service users, workforce and costs at national level up to 2030. May 2006 PDF/HTML Projections to 2030
Range of Capacity review of Community Care Services for Older People in Scotland, outlining projections of the number of community care service users, workforce and costs at national level up to 2019. July 2004 PDF/HTML Projections to 2019
Autistic Spectrum Disorders Audit of Services for People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Statistical Report 2004 May 2004 Word 2003

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Organisation Topic
Scottish Government - Housing Housing for older people and those with disabilities is provided by both public authorities and housing associations.
ISD Health and Social Care information
  Delayed Discharges information on the numbers of patients ready for discharge at the census point, the reasons for delay and duration of delay
  Whole System Project - project focussed on the areas of emergency admission and delayed discharge among the elderly