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Environment - Publications

Details of Scottish Government publications for the Environment theme.

Key Scottish Environment Statistics
An annual national statistics publication presenting charts, summary tables and text for around 40 data series. This is available to download as a PDF.  Tables with charts are provided in Microsoft Excel.  If you are using the PDF version, it is suggested that you view using the full screen option.


Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions

An annual official statistics publication providing the first release of Scottish greenhouse gas emissions statistics. The emissions figures shown in this release include emissions from international aviation and shipping and provide a separate estimate of Scottish emissions adjusted for trading in the EU Emissions Trading System. The tables from this publication are also provided in Microsoft Excel.


There is a section within the Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2016 publication which contains a summary of the cumulative effect of revisions to the greenhouse gas inventory from the 1990-2008 to the latest (1990-2014) inventory.  This builds on the papers: Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2013 - Key Revisions Since 2008 which was published in October 2015 and Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2012 - Key Revisions Since 2008 which was published in October 2014.  These papers are intended to assist users’ understanding of the rationale for these successive revisions.


A methodological paper titled Determining a Scottish EU-ETS cap for 2017 has been produced.  This documents the calculations which determine the ‘specified amounts’ for emissions from (i) fixed installations located in Scotland and covered by the EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS) and (ii) aviation covered by the EU-ETS.  

This paper follows on from papers titled   Determining a Scottish EU-ETS cap for 2016  Determining a Scottish EU-ETS cap for 2015  Determining a Scottish EU ETS cap for 2014 and Determining a Scottish EU ETS cap for 2013.  It documents the calculation of the specified amount for Scottish EU-ETS emissions for the year specified. The calculations used in all three papers are identical.


The Scottish Government has commissioned a project to understand the uncertainties associated with the estimates of Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2013.  A link to this project and to the full report can be found in the Scotland Greenhouse Gas Inventory Uncertainties Project webpage.


Scotland's Carbon Footprint

An official statistics publication providing estimates of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions on a consumption basis; that is emissions that are associated with the spending of Scottish residents on goods and services, wherever in the world these emissions arise together with emissions directly generated by Scottish households.

Scotland’s Carbon Footprint can be categorised into a number of consumption themes.  This is a key measure for the Scottish Government Low Carbon Behaviours Framework.  More information can be found in: Method to Estimate Scotland’s Greenhouse Gas Consumption Emissions By Theme

News Releases

A news release summarising the Scottish results from a report on emissions of carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, sub-10 micron particulate matter (PM10), sulphur dioxide, lead and non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOCs). The full report is published on the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory website.


A news release summarising the Scottish results from a report on LULUCF emissions. The full report is published on the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory website. In subsequent years the LULUCF statistics were published at the same time as the other Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions and a separate news release was not required.



Scottish Environment Statistics Online

A database that accompanies Key Scottish Environment Statistics which contains metadata and further commentary on the statistics together with additional datasets covering the environment of Scotland, focusing wherever possible on changes over time. Both general links to other sources of data on the internet and specific links for individual statistics are provided.


Forthcoming publications
Information on future statistics publications for the coming year across all Statistics themes.