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Environment - Links

Links to websites other than the Scottish Government

  • Air Quality in Scotland
    Scottish Government funded site that includes information on all aspects of air quality in Scotland.
  • Countryside Survey 2007 (CS 2007)
    CS 2007 is a major audit of the British countryside. It has involved both detailed field observations and satellite imagery which has provided a complete land cover census for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Separate data is available for Scotland.
  • Department of Energy and Climate Change
    Provides regional and local authority level data on energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
    Contains a wide variety of environment statistics, mainly for UK, GB or England and Wales, but also includes some detailed Scottish data.
  • Environmental Change Network (ECN)
    The ECN is the UK's long-term environmental monitoring programme. It is designed to collect, store, analyse and interpret long-term data based on a set of key physical, chemical and biological variables which drive and respond to environmental change at a range of terrestrial and freshwater sites across the UK.
  • Forestry Commission
    The Forestry Commission compiles and publishes statistics on forestry, including information about Britain's woodlands and the primary processing of British timber.
  • Joint Nature Conservation Committee ( JNCC)
    The JNCC is the Government's wildlife advisor, undertaking national and international conservation work on behalf of the three country nature conservation agencies, SNH, English Nature and The Countryside Council for Wales.
  • James Hutton Institute
    The site contains information on Scottish soils and other environmental data.
  • Marine Scotland
    Includes information on fish and shellfish stocks, the aquatic environment and the ocean climate.
  • Meteorological Office
    Contains climate data for selected stations in Scotland and averages for the period 1961-1990 and 1971-2000. Also monthly data for three regions, East, West and North since 1998.
  • National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory ( NAEI)
    The NAEI compiles estimates of emissions to the atmosphere from UK sources such as cars, trucks, power stations and industrial plants. See Reports section for Atmospheric Emissions Reports.
  • National Biodiversity Network
    The National Biodiversity Network allows you to view distribution maps and download UK wildlife data by using a variety of interactive tools.
  • National Statistics
    UK Official statistics site. Environment statistics are located under the Agriculture and Environment Theme. Provides details of main publications.
  • Natural Environmental Research Council ( NERC) Environmental Data
    Provides links to NERC Data Centres and the NERC Metadata catalogue.
  • ONS Geography  The UK's inconsistent geography has made it extremely challenging to produce and compare meaningful statistics over time. However, there are various initiatives, policies and products which are designed to address this issue. These resources promote a harmonised, cross-departmental approach to the geographic aspect of statistics.
  • Pesticide Usage Statistics
    Data for 1990 onwards from the programme of pesticide usage surveys. Data is collected by the Pesticide Usage Survey Teams at the Central Science Laboratory and the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency.
  • Public Perception Survey of Wildness in Scotland
    Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority, working in partnership with the Cairngorms National Park Authority and Scottish Natural Heritage commissioned a survey to further develop their understanding of the public perception of wildness in Scotland and to support future wildness mapping by providing a set of weights which can be used to combine the various attributes associated with the Scottish public’s perception of ‘wildness’.
  • Scottish Environment Link (LINK)
    LINK is the liaison body for Scotland's voluntary sector environmental organisations. The site provides contact details and links to members' organisations.
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
    SEPA's site contains a wealth of environmental data for Scotland. See in particular the section Environmental Data. Waste Data is located under, Initiatives - National Waste Strategy.
  • Scottish Environment Website (SEWeb)
    "Gateway to everything you need to know about Scotland's environment"
  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)
    This site provides information on 'Natural Heritage Trends', an environmental audit launched in April 2004 to assess status, identify trends and explain the main factors influencing change. The SNH website also includes detailed information on the location of designated sites in Scotland both as lists of locations and GIS boundaries.
  • Sources of environmental statistics
    Glasgow University Library:- provides links to Scottish, UK, European and International statistics on the environment.
  • The Scottish Ornothologists' Club (SOC)
    The SOC provides details of bird surveys being undertaken in Scotland.
  • UK Air Information Resource
    Contains detailed information on concentrations of various pollutants at all automatic monitoring sites in Scotland together with emissions for the UK, including maps showing emissions and concentrations for 1 km squares. Also data on greenhouse gas emissions for Scotland and information on non-automatic air quality monitoring networks