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October 2013 News

Scottish Environment Statistics Online Data Updates (http://www.scotland.gov.uk/seso/)

SESO is an online data dissemination tool, which accompanies Key Scottish Environment Statistics and is an official statistics publication.

Datasets updated since July 2013 are;

Scotland's Carbon Footprint: 1998 - 2010 (published 5th September)

Scotland's Carbon Footprint provides estimates of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions on a consumption basis; that is emissions that are associated with the spending of Scottish residents on goods and services, wherever in the world these emissions arise together with emissions directly generated by Scottish households.

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2013 (published 28th August) (http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2013/08/1634)

KSES is an annual publication aiming to provide an easily accessible reference document which offers information on a wide range of environmental topics. It covers key datasets on the state of the environment in Scotland, with an emphasis on the trends over time wherever possible. The data are supplemented by text providing brief background information on environmental impacts, relevant legislation and performance against national and international targets.