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Economy: Research and Experimental Statistics

This section provides users of economic statistics with details of ongoing develpment work in the production of economic statistics for Scotland. Comments from users are welcome. Many of the statistics appearing here are experimental, for which we are particularly keen for feedback, or in development. They should therefore only be used with caution and not out of context.

The Scottish National Accounts Project (SNAP)

The Scottish National Accounts Project is an ambitious multi-year project to enhance the scope of economic statistics in Scotland and to improve consistency and comparability between existing measures.

Measuring Government Activity in Scotland

Details of the Scottish Government's response to the findings of the Atkinson review (2005) and related developmements in the field of measurement of non-market output in Scottish economic statistics.

Occasional papers and other documents

A collection of occasional papers concerning research using official statistics or developments in data-sources and methods used in the production of Scottish Economic statistics. Key presentations are also included in this section.

An archive of Scottish Economic Statistics articles covering the period 2003-2008 may also be found here.