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Papers and presentations

A collection of occasional papers concerning research using official statistics or developments in data-sources and methods used in the production of Scottish Economic statistics. Key presentations are also included in this section.

An archive of Scottish Economic Statistics articles covering the period 2003-2008 may also be found below.

Occasional papers

24 July 2013

Updates on the Methodology for the Scottish Index of Manufactured Exports

This paper provides details on the methodology changes incorporated in the 2013 Q1 IME Publication, which include the move to a Chained Volume Index in line with other Scottish and UK economic statistics.

 4 July     

Construction Output In Scotland (Presentation)

Slides presented by Stephen Curtis, ONS, to a meeting with Scottish construction industry stakeholders on 15 June 2012. These statistics on output in the construction industry are used as the source data for the construction sector in Scottish GDP. 

22 March 2011

The Accuracy And Reliability Of The Index Of Manufactured Exports For Scotland

This paper examines the extent to which estimates of growth in IME have been revised after first publication, and explains the methodological issues that affect the reliability of the results.

10 March 2011

Scottish National Accounts Project (SNAP): Quarterly National Accounts Methodology Guide.

This paper documents the methodologies, systems and data sources used in the production of the Quarterly National Accounts statistics which have been released on a trial basis. This paper (version 1) is consistent with the 2010 Q3 QNA release (January 2011).


A Closer Look At Retail Sales Statistics For Scotland

This paper provides methodology information and summary analysis of the sub-series of the Scottish Gross Domestic Product growth estimates for the Retail sector.

20 Dec 2010

Summary Analysis Of Revisions To Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Statistics For Scotland.

Information paper - Analysis of revisions to the quarterly GDP statistics, published as background quality information relating to the statistical bulletin.


16 April 2009

Take-Up Of Business Rate Relief Schemes In 2008-09 Including The Small Business Bonus Scheme.

Discussion paper - Initial estimates of the take-up of main business rate relief schemes in Scotland in 2008-09 for small business properties including the small business bonus scheme.


Scottish Economic Statistics articles

10 December 2008

Producing current price GDP estimates for Scotland (Sandy Stewart).

This article builds on the work carried out to estimate Scottish cash GDP estimates under various scenarios for the review of the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland ( GERS) publication.

Low pay and in-work poverty in Scotland (Tom Spencer)

This article discusses people living in in-work poverty and explores the often complex relationship between different factors such as low pay, benefit income and family type.

Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured (FISIM) (Stevan Croasdale and Andrew Mortimer)

This article explains methodological improvements in the calculation and allocation of FISIM, summarises the reasons for the changes and reviews the methodology and effects of the change.

18 July 2007

Income distribution in Scotland (Sara Grainger & Sandy Stewart)

This article explains how the Gini Coefficient is calculated and how it is used to define inequality using equivalised disposable income.

Innovation in Knowledge-Intensive services (Mark Freel, University of Ottawa)

This article discusses innovation inputs & outputs across a range of industries & business enterprises and explores the constraints faced by businesses in their innovation activities.

Exports to the rest of the UK (Carol Ann Munn)

This article discusses Scottish trade with the rest of the UK and invites comment on recent estimates.

30 November 2006

Recent developments in Scottish Input-Output tables (Maria Melling)

This article provides background on input-output analysis and details both the work that has been undertaken so far and the developments being planned for the future.

Public Sector Employment in Scotland (Marina Hughes & David McPhee)

This article examines the trends in the Public Sector Employment series and supplements this with further analysis from other sources.

Seasonal adjustment developments within Scottish GDP (Gary Campbell & Andrew Mortimer)

This article outlines the recent improvement in the treatment of seasonal data used within the quarterly Gross Domestic Product series.

25 November 2005

Implementing the Atkinson Review in Scotland (Dermot Rhatigan)

This article outlines our approach to the improved measurement of public sector productivity in the light of the plans to implement the recommendations of the Atkinson Review.

Detailed results from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (Marina Hughes)

This article describes Scottish information from the new survey of hours and earnings.

Issues with the estimation of Scottish trade (Catriona Hayes)

This article outlines some issues relating to the estimation of exports and imports for Scotland.

Ownership of firms in Scotland (Fiona Roberts)

This article describes a new analysis of employment, productivity and other indicators for companies in Scotland that are owned abroad.

19 October 2004

Effects of the introduction of chainlinking methodology on the Scottish quarterly GDP index (Julie Ramsay)

This article describes the effects of chainlinking on GDP, explaining some of the issues relating to industry weights.

Development of a Tourism Satellite Account for Scotland (Catriona Hayes & Claire Boag)

An update on progress measuring tourism's contribution to the economy. New TSA data are presented, with an explanation of the methodology used to derive them.

Guide to Income Statistics for Scotland (Julie Bright)

This article provides a summary guide to the main sources and definitions of income statistics in Scotland.

Measuring Labour Market Dynamics (Gayle Johnston & Paul Teasdale)

This article outlines some analyses of changes within the labour market in Scotland.

Analysis of firm closure and survival (Paul Teasdale and Jessica Minty)

This article provides an insight into patterns of business survival in Scotland.

15 April 2003

Extensions to the Scottish input-output modelling system (Iain McNicoll and Donald McLellan, Strathclyde University)

A disaggregation of the household sector. This presents an analysis of an extension to the Scottish input-output tables looking at the distribution of income between different household income groups.

Methodology to produce Scottish Production, Construction and Services (Fiona Roberts)

Databases from Annual Business Inquiry data. This article outlines the methodological issues involved in grossing ONS Annual Business Inquiry data for Scotland.

Employment estimates for Scotland: A comparison of sources (Fiona Roberts, Gerhard Mors & Dette Cowden)

The article sets out a description of the various sources of data on employment, highlights the pros and cons of each source, and provides a guide to their appropriateness for different purposes.

Statistical information on businesses in Scotland (Paul Teasdale & Katie Walker)

The article on sources of data on small businesses in Scotland provides a detailed analysis of information on registered businesses and discusses other sources of data that can supplement this official information.