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Remit of Sub-Scotland Economic Statistics Group (SSESG)

Remit for the Sub-Scotland Economic Statistics Group (SSESG)

The purpose of the Group is to identify the key strategic statistical information required by all interested parties, and to develop and implement a strategy for prioritising and meeting these needs while minimising, where possible, the burden on data suppliers and maintaining quality fit for purpose.

In these respects the group will:

  • consider existing Sub-Scotland economic statistics, in order to identify gaps;

  • provide advice on prioritising and filling gap areas, and on any additional resource implications;

  • consider the options for effective dissemination of sub-Scotland economic statistics in ways which will provide for maximum access, ease of understanding and use;

  • consider different channels through which future work might be pursued;

  • develop, maintain and promote sub-Scotland geographies for the publication of economic, business and labour market statistics;

  • liaise, and support work of, wider UK groups focussed on economic statistics for sub-UK areas;

  • provide feedback on progress to SESCG.