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SESCG - Remit


The Group will cover the following National Statistics Themes (or parts of themes):

  • The Economy
  • Commerce, Energy and Industry
  • Labour Market
  • Tourism
  • Local Government Finance

The purpose of the Group is to identify the key strategic statistical information required by all interested parties, and to develop and implement a strategy for prioritising and meeting these needs while minimising, where possible, the burden on data suppliers and maintaining quality fit for purpose. The main elements of this are:

  • identification of the principal gaps in the provision of Scottish economic statistics;
  • advice on the prioritisation of areas of new and developmental work;
  • provision of technical advice on existing methodologies, developmental work and new indicators;
  • working within the overall ScotStat structure.

In these respects the group will:

  • consider and provide advice on any issues raised by the ScotStat Board, by members of the Group or other contributors;
  • consider existing information on the economy, in order to identify gaps or redundancy in information;
  • provide advice on prioritising and filling of gap areas, and on any additional resource implications;
  • comment on the Scottish Economic Statistics Programme;
  • oversee the working group on Local Government Finance;
  • set up temporary working groups to consider particular issues when necessary;
  • contribute to work on cross-cutting issues or areas of joint interest with other ScotStat theme Groups;
  • consider the options for effective dissemination of Scottish economic statistics in ways which will provide for maximum access, ease of understanding and use;
  • consider different channels through which future work might be pursued;
  • provide annual feedback on progress to the ScotStat Board.

The group will meet twice yearly, and a summary of key points will be circulated to the Chairs of the other ScotStat committees. Members of the Scottish Economic Consultants Register who do not attend meetings will also be consulted from time to time and kept informed of proceedings.