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SESCG - Meetings


Please find below all meeting documentation and associated papers for the Scottish Economic Statistics Consultants Group.

Meeting documentation

Date Agenda Minutes Papers
25 Apr 2017 View View

Item 1 - Special Projects for 2017/18 (SESCG/25/1) - Sandy Stewart

Item 7 - Updates to GERS methodology (SESCG/25/2) - Iain Pearce

Item 8 - UK Regional Public Sector Finances (SESCG/25/3) - Derek Bird (ONS)

Item 9 - Past and future development of GERS publication (SESCG/25/4) - Iain Pearce

19 May 2016 View View  
24 Mar 2015 View View

Action points from previous meeting (SESCG/23/1)

Business and Digital Unit Work Plan (SESCG/23/2)

Business Statistics - Classification and Ownership (SESCG/23/3)

National Accounts Unit Work Plan (SESCG/23/4)

A Note on Business Statistics (SESCG/23/5)

4 Nov 2014 View View

Oil and Gas Statistics Sub-Group

Inaugural meeting of the oil and gas statistics sub-group. This meeting focussed on reviewing the quarterly oil and gas statistics in development and scoping out potential options for the development of estimates for an oil and gas satellite account. 

28 Apr 2014 View View

Action points from previous meeting (SESCG/22/1)

Economic Statistics Work Plan for SESCG (SESCG/22/2)

  1 Oct 2013 View View

Methodological updates to GERS (SESCG/21/1) - Iain Pearce

Re-establishing a long run constant-price measure of Gross Value Added in the Quarterly GDP release (SESCG/21/2) - John Dowens

Development of Oil and Gas Model (SESCG/21/3) - Deborah Pegg

Review of Local Financial Returns, 2012 (SESCG/21/4) - Andrew Macartney

Development of Monthly Data Systems for GDP Series (SESCG/21/5) - Richard Morrison

Potential Developments to the Retail Sales Index for Scotland (SESCG/21/6) - Gregor Berry

Scotland's Index of Manufactured Exports - Summary of Updates and Results (SESCG/21/7) - Silvia Palombi

The future of SESCG (SESCG/21/8) - Andrew Mortimer

  4 Oct 2012 View  

SIC 2007 Conversion - Proposed timetable of outputs (SESCG/2012/1) - Sandy Stewart

Global Connections Survey – SIC07 Conversion and User Consultation (SESCG/2012/2) – Valerie West

New Developments in Business Statistics (SESCG/2012/3) – Marina Curran

SNAP – Oil and Gas Model – Sandy Stewart/ Debs Pegg

Exploring economic statistics beyond GDP (SESCG/2012/5) – Iain Pearce

Scottish Input-Output Tables SIC07 Conversion (SESCG/2012/6) – Stevan Croasdale/Gary Campbell

Gross Domestic Product - SIC07 Conversion and other developments (SESCG/2012/7) – Richard Morrison

Index of Manufactured Exports – Methodology Improvements and SIC07 Conversion (SESCG/2012/8) – John Dowens

SNAP – Moving from “Experimental” to “National” statistics (SESCG/2012/9) – Andrew Mortimer

Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland (GERS) – Review 2012 (SESCG/2012/10) – Sandy Stewart

18 Oct 2010 View View

Future of "Scottish Economic Statistics" Compendium Publication ( SESCG/2010/1/1) - Sandy Stewart

Time to Move Beyond GERS: An Approach to Estimating Flows of Private Finance for the Scottish Economy. ( SESCG/2010/1/2) - Jim Cuthbert


Developments in National Accounts - Martin Kellaway

Scottish National Accounts Project (SNAP): An update on Developments - Andrew Mortimer

Quarterly Public Sector Finances for Scotland (Experimental) - Sandy Stewart

Towards a Scottish Balance of Payments - Sandy Stewart

Gross Domestic Product Developments - Richard Morrison

Financial Intermediation Review - Richard Morrison


7 May 2009 View View

ONS approach to 'PFI liabilities' ( SESCG/2009/1/1) - Martin Kellaway

A comment on martin Kellaway's response to paper SESCG/2008/1/2 ( SESCG/2009/1/2) - Jim Cuthbert

Measurement of Government Output and Productivity for Healthcare ( SESCG/2009/1/3) - Euan Smith

Feasability of Earlier Estimates of GVA for Scotland ( SESCG/2009/1/4) - Richard Morrison

Methodology to Calculate Quarterly Household Final Consumption Expenditure (HHFCE) for Scotland ( SESCG/2009/1/5) - Kenny Grant

Arithmetic Estimation of Quarterly Supply/Use (QSU) Tables ( SESCG/2009/1/6) - Andrew Mortimer

Draft Scottish Economics and Finance Statistics Plan ( SESCG/2009/1/7) - Sandy Stewart


National Accounts: Changes and Developments in the UK - Martin Kellaway

Gross Value Added Estimates: Developments and Presentational Issues - Euan Smith

GVA: Flash Estimation - Feasability study - Richard Morrison

Constructing Scottish quarterly GDP estimates: income based - Sandy Stewart

Calculation of HHFCE - Kenny Grant

Quarterly Supply & Use framework for Scotland - Andrew Mortimer

29 October 2008 View View

Estimation of cash GVA and GDP (including and excluding Extra Regio) ( SESCG/2008/2/1) - Sandy Stewart

SNAP - Introduction to the Scottish National Accounts Project ( SESCG/2008/2/2) - Sandy Stewart

Update on FISIM adjustment ( SESCG/2008/2/3) - Stevan Croasdale


Estimating current price GVA and GDP for Scotland - Sandy Stewart

SNAP - Sandy Stewart

Fiscal Modelling - Graeme Roy

Benchmarking GDP to other economic estimates - Andrew Mortimer

Replacing sample panels in the Index of Production with ratio estimates - Gregor Boyd

9th January 2008 View View

The Need to Review the ONS Approach to Including PFI liabilities in Public Sector Net Debt ( SESCG 2008/1/1) - Jim Cuthbert

Feasibility Study into Producing Quarterly GDP(E) estimates for Scotland ( SESCG 2008/1/2) - Richard Marsh, Russell Whyte

Planning and Priorities for 2008-09 and beyond ( SESCG 2008/1/3) - Sandy Stewart

Further Analysis on Public Sector Output in Scotland - Revised since meeting ( SESCG 2008/1/4)


A Quarterly Expenditure Measure of GDP for Scotland ( SESCG 2008/1/P1) - Richard Marsh, Russell Whyte

Scottish Input-Output Tables ( SESCG 2008/1/P2) - Stevan Croasdale

Additional Papers:

A Quarterly Expenditure Measure of GDP for Scotland - Draft Final Report ( SESCG 2008/1/AP1) - Richard Marsh

10th October 2007 View View

Developing a Quality-Adjusted Output Measure for the Scottish Education System

SESCG 1/1/2007


Additional papers:

11th October 2006   View

Atkinson: Measuring Government Output and Productivity - Andrew Mortimer and Neil White SESCG1/2/2006


31st January 2006   View


26th May 2005 View None
25th November 2004 View View

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