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Input-Output - Remit

ScotStatRemit for the Scottish Input-Output Expert User Group

The purpose of the Group is to bring together producers and users of the Scottish Input-Output tables to share expertise and experiences. The Group will consider the practical uses of Input-Output both within government and externally, gaining a better understanding of the range of uses made of the Scottish Input-Output tables; identify the key areas of work done by external experts, highlighting strengths and weaknesses that have been brought to light through this more detailed usage; seek to improve the quality of the tables by looking at methodological improvements and new data sources; and, explore ways to improve the service that the Scottish Government Input-Output team provide to external / internal users.

The main elements of this are:

  • To develop an understanding of the range of uses of Input-Output analysis in Scotland;
  • To develop an understanding of the service that Input-Output branch can provide to both internal and external users to enhance the use of the analysis;
  • To discuss technical aspects of existing methodologies, developmental work and new analysis;
  • To discuss and to seek advice relating to the development of the more flexible new Input-Output system to provide tailor-made analysis

In these respects the group will:

  • consider existing work, both internally and externally, that is being undertaken using the Scottish Input-Output tables;
  • identifying any issue / problems highlighted with this more detailed use of the data;
  • provide advice on potential solutions to these identified issues, and on any additional resource implications;
  • set up temporary working groups, as necessary, to consider particular data / developmental issues when necessary;
  • contribute to two way discussion on future developments and requirements of the Scottish Input-Output tables;