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GDP Quarterly National Accounts, Scotland

Latest Release

GDP Quarterly National Accounts, Scotland 2019 Quarter 1 (7 August 2019)


The GDP First Estimate for 2019 Quarter 2 is also available (18 September 2019). This only includes estimates for output in real terms by industry. The other Quarterly National Accounts statistics will be updated to 2019 Q2 on 30 October.


What is in the GDP Quarterly National Accounts?

The GDP Quarterly National Accounts is the second GDP publication released each quarter, at around 120 days after the end of the latest period. It includes an updated second estimate of onshore GDP growth which uses data released since the GDP First Estimate. The Quarterly National Accounts for Scotland are consistent with the UK Quarterly National Accounts for each quarter.

In addition to the second estimate of onshore growth in real terms, the GDP Quarterly National Accounts also includes:

  • Total GDP in cash terms for the onshore economy and the wider economy including offshore activities

  • Onshore GDP in cash terms broken down using all three of the output, expenditure and income approaches

  • The Index of Manufactured Exports (IME) in real terms

  • Household Sector income and expenditure accounts for Scotland, including Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) and the Savings Ratio;

  • Public sector revenues.