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Latest developments

July 2019

The latest 1998 to 2016 Supply, Use, Input-Output Tables and Multipliers for Scotland were published on July 24th 2019. These are available in the Downloads section.

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Input-Output introduction

What is Input-Output?

The Input-Output framework of the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) consists of three types of tables:

  • Supply Tables,
  • Use Tables and
  • Symmetric Input-Output Tables.

The Tables provide a complete picture of the flows of goods and services (products) in the Scottish onshore* economy for a given year. They detail the relationship between producers and consumers and the interdependencies of industries.

Supply and Use Tables are constructed directly from survey and other data sources. The Supply Table provides estimates of the output of a large number of differentiated products by each industry and the Use Table provides estimates of the inputs (of products) used by each industry to produce their own output.

The Supply and Use Tables are the basic building blocks; all other Input-Output analyses are derived from them.

Symmetric Tables (a.k.a. the Analytical Tables) represent the modelling aspect of the Input-Output framework. The Scottish Government produces annual Industry by Industry, Product by Product and Leontief Inverse Analytical Tables.

* an experimental offshore satellite account is available as part of the whole of Scotland economic account project.

Input-Output web site guide


Contains information about latest data, recent changes to the tables and Scottish Government Input-Output table publication plans.

User Guide

The user guide is designed for people who are relatively new to Input-Output.

Starting with an overview, there are separate pages describing the Supply table, the Use table, the Symmetric tables, and finally the multipliers, including a guide to their appropriate use.

The guide also contains a glossary of terms.

Download the full tables

The downloads page contains the full Scottish 98 industry Supply and Use tables and associated Input-Output analytical tables for 1998 to 2015 in excel and pdf format.

Reference material

This page brings together useful reference material relating to the Scottish Input-Output tables including the methodology guide.

Contact us

Contact details if you wish to get in touch with the Input-Output team in Edinburgh.


The latest tables were constructed by the Input-Output statistics branch of the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser: Stevan Croasdale, Gary Campbell and Robyn Donnelly.

Acknowledgements are also due to our colleagues in the Office for National Statistics and the Input-Output Expert User Group.