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Index of Manufactured Exports 4th Quarter 2011

IME Analysed by Industry Sectors (seasonally adjusted)

In the latest quarter the largest contribution to growth was from the Engineering and Allied Industries sector (+2.2%), with growth in all three sub-sectors. There was also a significant contribution to growth from the Food and Drink sector (+1.5%), where continued growth in exports of drink (+2.0%) outweighed a fall in food products (-3.5%). Growth was also seen in the Textiles, Leather and Clothing sector (+7.4%).

The most significant fall in exports was from the Chemicals, Refined Petroleum and Nuclear Fuel sector (-3.8%). Exports of Metals and Fabricated Metal Products fell 10.9%, which reversed the growth of 11.2% seen in the previous quarter. There were also falls in the Other Manufacturing sector (-6.8%) and Wood, Pulp, Paper, Publishing and Printing (-1.6%).


2011 Annual Results

The total volume of manufactured export sales from Scotland grew 4.8%, in real terms, in 2011 compared to 2010, with growth in most sectors and sub-sectors.

During 2011 as a whole the largest contribution to growth was from the Food and Drink sector (+8.4%), with strong growth in the volumes of both drink (+8.6%) and food (+6.8%) exports. Export volumes from the Chemicals, Refined Petroleum & Nuclear Fuel sector increased 8.0% during 2011, driven by strong growth in the first half of the year. Exports from the Textiles, Clothing & Leather sector grew 19.4% during 2011, also making a significant contribution to the total figure and returning to pre-recession levels.

There was annual growth of 1.4% in the Engineering & Allied Industries. The largest contributor to this was the Transport Equipment sub-sector (+7.9%), which has seen export volumes return to pre-recession levels. Exports from the Mechanical Engineering sub-sector grew 2.3%, while there was a fall of 0.7% from the Electrical and Instrument Engineering sub-sector.