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Scottish Export Statistics - Index of Manufactured Exports

The Index of Manufactured Exports (IME) was a quarterly publication measuring growth, in real terms, of overseas export sales by the manufacturing sector in Scotland. From 2016 Q3 (published in February 2017), IME has been incorporated into Quarterly National Accounts. There are details below on the consultation which preceded this change.

Consultation on Index of Manufactured Exports - October 2016

As part of the commitment to continuous improvement to the processes used in all their publications, Scottish Government statisticians reviewed the data and methodologies within the Index of Manufactured Exports publication. The consultation (included within the 2016 Quarter 1 publication here) dealt with two proposals:
  (i) Integration of the Index of Manufactured Exports within Quarterly National Accounts.It additionally includes quarterly current price export values alongside existing measures.
  (ii) Inclusion of quarterly current price export values alongside existing chained volume measures.

The consultation sought suggestions on what kinds of information users might find useful in addition to the proposals above.

All respondents were content that the Index of Manufactured Exports be integrated within Quarterly National Accounts and cease as a separate publication. Many thanks to the users who responded to this consultation.

(i) From 2016 Q3 onwards (February 2017), Quarterly National Accounts will include the Index of Manufactured Exports.

(ii) Respondents expressed interest in data (whether on exports or the economy generally) for regions within Scotland. While we are not currently able to provide data at a regional level, we are aware of the interest in this information. We are working with ONS in their development of regional accounts and investigating new data sources (such as the VAT turnover data) which may help us to develop Scottish regional GDP data in future.