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Published 30th January 2019

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Export Statistics Scotland - Publication

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Scotland’s Exports in 2017

Export Destination

Value of Exports in 2017

Change since 2016

% Change since 2016


£32.4 billion

+£1.9 billion


…of which EU

£14.9 billion

+£1.7 billion


…of which Non-EU

£17.6 billion

+£0.1 billion


Rest of the UK

£48.9 billion

+£2.2 billion


Total (Int + RUK)

£81.4 billion

+ £4.1 billion


Key Findings

  • Scotland’s international exports (excluding oil and gas) increased in 2017 by £1.9 billion (6.2 per cent) from £30.6 billion in 2016 to £32.4 billion in 2017.
  • The majority of this growth was in exports to EU countries with exports to the EU up £1.7 billion (13.3%) to £14.9 billion in 2017. Scottish exports to non-EU countries saw slower growth in 2017, increasing by £0.1 billion (0.8%) to £17.6 billion.
  • Scotland’s exports to the rest of the UK also increased in 2017, up £2.2 billion (4.6%) to £48.9 billion.

  • Total international and rest of the UK exports in 2017 (excluding oil and gas) were valued at £81.4 billion, up £4.1 billion (5.2%) from the previous year. Exports to the rest of the UK accounted for 60% of this overall total, EU exports accounted for 18% and non-EU exports 22%.

  • The USA continued to be Scotland’s top export destination country with an estimated £5.5 billion of exports from Scotland in 2017. top five international export markets (USA, Netherlands, France, Germany and Ireland) accounted for £14.3 billion (44%) of international exports from Scotland in 2017.

Full Publication

The full publication in PDF format and the accompanying Excel tables are available to download at the links here or at the right of this page. We have also produced a visual summary document of the key results.

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