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Sampling Methods

Sampling Methodology Used for the Global Connections Survey

The survey sample is extracted from The Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR) and includes all industries with the exception of public administration, private households with employed persons and extra-territorial organisations. Sampling takes place at reporting unit level and reporting units are asked to provide information on the combined Scottish activity of all their local units.

The sample is stratified by area (Highlands & Islands/Scottish Enterprise area), industry (4-digit SIC), export status and 5 employment size-bands (Scottish employment). Export status is determined using information provided by Highlands & Islands Enterprise, participating Local Enterprise Companies and previous survey data. Known and potential exporters are weighted in order to have a greater chance of being sampled than non-exporters or companies whose export status is unknown; companies with 100 or more employees are automatically sampled regardless of their export status.

Percentage (%) of records selected (at random) from each strata by export status and employment size-band
Number of employees Export status
Non-exporter/unknown Known/potential exporter


10-49 10 100
50-99 30 100
100-249 100 100
250+ 100 100

Further adjustments are then made to the resulting sample to reduce the overall size of the sample.