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Economy - Scottish Export Statistics

Global Connections Survey

The Global Connections Survey (GCS) is an annual survey run by the Scottish Government which helps us to measure the value and destination of Scottish goods and services and the depth of international involvement of businesses in Scotland.


Global Connections Survey - Online Return

If your business has been invited to take part in the Global Connections Survey, you can access this using the following link:

Details of your username and password will be in the email or letter you received. If you do not have these, please email

If you wish to return the interactive PDF instead, please go to GCS Electronic PDF Return.

If you would prefer to complete a paper survey, please email


Export Statistics Scotland

Export Statistics Scotland (ESS) is based on the Global Connections Survey as well as other survey and administrative data sources. It produces estimates of the cash value of exports by destination and industry sector for all sectors of the Scottish economy including the primary, manufacturing and service sectors. This source should be used to obtain estimates of the cash value of exports.