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Stakeholder Consultation - Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue Service Statistics

Scottish Government initiated a review of the data requirements of stakeholders for fire and rescue statistics in September 2010. This was the first part of the data review, concentrating on Fire and Rescue Service topics that were not fire incidents (incidents are covered in another publication). The review aims were to:

  • Identify what data at present is being collected from Fire and Rescue Services by Scottish Government and other organisations - highlighting areas of duplication and possible streamlining
  • Establish what internal and external stakeholders consider to be areas of data collection that will assist their work
  • Provide a report of the results of this review, with a list of possible recommendations for improvement of the data collection that recognise the Scottish Government commitment to the National Outcomes. The recommendations will be discussed with Fire and Rescue Services to agree a final data collection.

The results of the consultation were published in February 2011.

The second part of this data consultation, covering publication of incidents attended by the Fire and Rescue Service, will take place in the latter part of 2011. Incident data is currently published in the statistical bulletin series - Fire Statistics, Scotland.