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Data Linkage

Justice Analytical Services work on projects that link together different datasets for analytical purposes, in accordance with the data linkage strategy for Scotland.  Data linkage has the potential to improve quality of life for the people of Scotland through the development of better informed policy. This supports the quick and efficient identification and delivery of targeted services, for example in justice and education. Often we will link and analyse this data ourselves. Sometimes the linkage will be undertaken on our behalf by an Indexing team in the National Records of Scotland and analysed by accredited researchers. Further information about data linkage in Scotland is available here.

Information about linkage projects that Justice Analytical Services are taking forward is available below:

Project name and summary

Organisation(s) involved

Further information

Linking criminal justice data to the Scottish Longitudinal Study - this project seeks to add criminal justice data to the information contained within the Scottish Longitudinal Study (a 5% sample of the Scottish population that has been anonymised) and undertake analysis on the resultant data in order to answer an initial set of research questions.

Scottish Longitudinal Study

Justice Analytical Services, Scottish Government

National Records of Scotland


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Further information on how to apply for and access data held by Justice Analytical Services is available on the Accessing Our Data section of our webpage.