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SCJS Users



Scottish Government

SCJS data is used to inform the development and monitoring of policy, for example being regularly referenced in policy documents.

SCJS informs progress towards three National Indicators and a range of Justice Outcome indicators.

SCJS data provides evidence for policy colleagues on key Law, Order & Public Safety policy focus areas such as reducing crime (including violent crime and domestic abuse), supporting victims of crime, drugs and alcohol and increasing public confidence. SCJS data is cross-cutting and also provides evidence for other policy areas, such as Health and Social Care, Equalities, Children, Young People and Families.

The SCJS is extensively used within Scottish Government analysts to produce and publish a wide range of statistics. Examples of these sort of activities include the work with the SG Office of the Chief Statistician to develop new analysis on Police Confidence questions.

Scottish Parliament

Ministers regularly cite results from the SCJS as providing independent evidence on the level and trends in crime in Scotland, and data is used in response to Parliamentary Questions.

Police Scotland and other policing organisations

The SCJS data and outputs are used to inform Police Scotland and other policing organisations in Scotland, such as the SPA’s ongoing examination of policing performance and current work with Police Scotland to inform the new and developing work of their Public Confidence Board.

Health service

The SCJS data on alcohol, drugs and violence is a key data source on health in Scotland. See NHS ISD for more information.

Academics, criminologists and other research organisations

Academics, criminologists and other research organisations make extensive use of the SCJS outputs, via the UK Data Service. The SCJS is extensively used by SCCJR and AQMeN academics.

Interest groups

A wide range of interest groups and victim support groups make use of SCJS data and findings, such as SafeLives and Rape Crisis Scotland.

UK Data Service

UK Data Service is supplied with data to facilitate secondary analysis by academic researchers only. Please see the UK Data Service for more information on the data available and how to access it.

The Public

The national press use the SCJS to inform the public about crime in Scotland which enables the public to use the SCJS to gain an insight into overall levels and trends of crime in Scotland.