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SCJS 2014-15 Technical Report

The SCJS 2014-15 Technical Report is provided below. Please note an updated version of the report, which supersedes the original, was published in March 2017. The latest version updates the fieldwork outcomes tables 3.1 and 3.2 with the corrected number and proportion of cases assigned to specific non-response and ineligible categories. This does not affect the overall response rate. The tables in Annex 11 have also been updated, with corrected design factors (the original tables contained design effects, the square of the design factors).

Details of this update are also provided on the SCJS Revisions and Corrections page.

SCJS 2014-15 Technical Report

Downloadable document:

Title:SCJS 2014-15 Technical Report
Description:Technical Report to supplement the SCJS 2014/15.
File:SCJS 2014-15 Technical Report [PDF, 1505.4 kb: 24 Apr 2017]
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