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Scottish Crime and Justice Survey - Contact

For further information about the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, please contact:

SCJS Project Team

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey
Scottish Government
Area 1F South
Victoria Quay

Email: scjs@gov.scot

Other contacts

Neil Grant

SCJS Project Director

Email: neil.grant@gov.scot

Tel: 0131 244 6176

Darren Peaston

SCJS Project Manager

Email: darren.peaston@gov.scot

Tel: 0131 244 6598

Michael Edie

SCJS Project Officer

Email: michael.edie@gov.scot

Tel: 0131 244 3649

Katrina Caldwell

SCJS Project Officer

Email: katrina.caldwell@gov.scot

Tel: 0131 244 5241