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Scottish Crime and Justice Survey - Special Datasets & Follow-up Surveys

​Special Datasets

A request to be provided with a special dataset can be submitted where the standard anonymised datasets do not contain all of the information you require. This should allow users to undertake more detailed analyses for a specific project.

Please note that access to such sensitive and confidential data is safeguarded by regulating access for non-commercial purposes only, and can only be used by the Scottish Government or other research agencies acting on behalf of, or with the agreement of, the Scottish Government or associated bodies.

Follow-up Research

A useful feature of the SCJS is to provide a basis from which to undertake detailed follow-up research with particular sub-groups from the main survey. This may allow more detailed probing of certain sub-groups or variables of interest, or to examine under-lying issues within the data.

The Scottish Government holds the details of individuals who have consented to be re-contacted for further research for the last few sweeps at any one time. Currently re-contact data is available for the 2014/15 and 2016/17 survey sweeps.

For more information on applying for a special dataset or data for a follow-up research, please see the Scottish Government Statistics Group's Data Access page.

We would aim to to turn around any such requests within four to eight weeks, though this will vary depending on the project complexities and available resources.Special Datasets

Terms and Conditions

If your special dataset access request is successful, the relevant SCJS dataset will be supplied to you by the Scottish Government under the following conditions:

  • The data are to be used only for analysis purposes and for the requirements of the stated project;
  • Results of this analysis may be published, but copies of, or extracts from, the data must not be made available to anyone other than those carrying out analysis for your specific project at your organisation;
  • The data provided must be treated as confidential and their storage and use must not contravene Data Protection legislation;

  • Only people working for or with you on your specific project at your organisation should have access to the data, and any staff given access to the data must be made aware of the conditions of its use;

  • You must provide the names of individuals who will access the data prior to the data access arrangement being agreed, and complete a provided audit trail template to track access;

  • Individuals must not be identified in the results or in any outputs produced using the SCJS dataset;

  • All data should be deleted on completion of the project, covering both the original data transferred and any subsequent copies you produce;

  • The SCS Project Manager should be kept informed of any outputs arising from the dataset.