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Scottish Crime and Justice Survey

The SCJS is a large-scale social survey which asks people about their experiences and perceptions of crime. The survey is important because it provides a picture of crime in Scotland, including crimes that haven’t been reported to, or recorded by the police and captured in police recorded crime statistics. Have a look at our video on YouTube or Vimeo for an introduction to the survey, and the information that's available on this webpage.

The findings from the SCJS are used by policy makers across the public sector in Scotland to help understand the nature of crime in Scotland, target resources and monitor the impact of initiatives to target crime. Take a look at the latest key findings from the survey, or access the full report on our publications page.

Latest Findings

The SCJS 2017/18 Main Findings report was published on Tuesday 26 March, 2019. A series of online data tables provide a wide-range of survey results broken down by socio-demographic and area characteristics for further use by users.

Key findings from the self-completion sections (covering the period 2016/17-2017/18) also feature in the 2017/18 Main Findings report, with further results provided in online data tables.

Recent developments and latest news

New interactive tool for accessing and exploring SCJS results

We have recently published a new interactive tool to help users to explore and examine key SCJS results at Police Division level in a more accessible, user friendly format.

Developed as an R Shiny App, the interactive tool has been designed to present a range of results within police divisions over time, and to aid comparability between divisions and the national average. The app is available now at the following link:

Please send any feedback to the SCJS team using the contact details at the following page.

Changes to the survey in 2016/17 and future reporting

In recent years the SCJS interviewed 12,000 adults every two years. In 2016/17 we started to interview 6,000 adults each year. Care has been taken to ensure that the survey remains broadly consistent, and that data is comparable with previous survey results. However, the changes to the survey sample size have an impact on the data that we collect. We have worked with users to consider how we report SCJS findings in future to best to make use of the flexibility offered by the now annual survey to meet user needs. This exercise has helped ensure that our reporting is prioritised in the right areas to derive maximum public value from the survey, yet maintains the quality and trustworthiness of the statistics.

Office for Statistics Regulation Assessment - report and action plan

In July 2017, the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) published a report on their assessment of the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey's compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.The report concludes that the existing National Statistics status of the SCJS statistics may continue subject to Scottish Government demonstrating to OSR that it has enhanced the value, quality and trustworthiness of the SCJS statistics by addressing the requirements set out in the assessment report. Following actions taken by the SCJS team, in March 2018 OSR have confirmed that the SCJS will continue to be designated a National Statistics product.

SCJS Methodology

Recent Changes to the SCJS

SCJS Changes