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Crime and Justice - Publications - Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland

Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland

Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland presents statistics on civil law cases in the Scottish courts together with other related information, such as statistics from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey.

Civil law is concerned with the rights and obligations of people and organisations. One way of resolving civil law disputes between people and organisations is for a case to be brought to court. In Scotland civil law cases are usually conducted in a sheriff court or the Court of Session. Common types of cases where civil law is used include debt cases, family disputes, divorces/dissolutions, damages, repossession, evictions and claims for personal injury.

The statistical bulletin, in conjunction with its supporting documents, is designed to help people understand and use the civil justice statistics tables available on the this website. As well as information on the quality of the statistics, the bulletin also contains an overview of the civil court structure, a description of recent changes in legislation, a historical overview of the volume of civil law cases and a list of definitions.

There have been a number of changes to the format and title of this statistics bulletin series. These changes are described in the History of Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland table below.

Year Published Web Address
2017-18 April 2019 Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2017-18
2016-17 August 2018 Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2016-17
2015-16 March 2017 Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2015-16
2014-15 March 2016 Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2014-15
2013-14 July 2015 Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2013-14
2012-13 March 2014 Civil Law Statistics in Scotland 2012-13
2011-12 December 2012 Civil Law Statistics in Scotland 2011-12
2010-11 October 2011 Civil Judicial Statistics 2010-11
2008-09 & 2009-10 December 2010 Civil Judicial Statistics 2008-09 and 2009-10
2002 February 2004 Civil Judicial Statistics 2002
2001 March 2003 Civil Judicial Statistics 2001
2000 April 2002 Civil Judicial Statistics 2000
1999 April 2001 Civil Judicial Statistics 1999
History of Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland bulletin series




Statistics on judicial review are now included in the bulletin (previously only available in the supplementay tables).

Statistics tables have been moved to their own section at the back of the bulletin for improved readability.

Specific sections for repossesion and eviction have been created to reinforce the distinction between the two case types.


Comprehensive bulletin format with commentary on the statistics.

Title of bulletin series changed from Civil Law Statistics to Civil Justice Statistics.

New background data tables published - an interactive dataset on Civil Law cases by court for generating user customised tables and charts.


Reduced bulletin format comprising statistics tables and supporting information including a description of main points.

The Scottish Government took over sole responsibility for the publication of divorces and dissolutions from National Records of Scotland (NRS) with effect from the end of 2012.


New, thematic, layout introduced following Review of Civil Judicial Statistics.

This edition incorporated statistics on divorce and dissolution for 2010-11 and 2011-12. These statistics had previously been published separately but are now published as part of the main civil justice bulletin.

Title of bulletin series changed from Civil Judicial Statistics to Civil Law Statistics bulletin.


Final edition using the old style format.

2008-09 and 2009-10

Resumption of Civil Judicial Statistics series. The release for 2008-09 and 2009-10 was published on December 2010. 


Suspension of the Civil Judicial Statistics series due to data quality concerns after the 2002 publication.

The Scottish Courts Service, main provider of the data, worked with the Scottish Government to address these issues, and those identified in the Review of Civil Judicial Statistics.

Background data that allow users to interactively generate charts and tables are available from the Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland datasets page.

The Scottish Government is continuing to review the scope, quality and presentation of statistics on the civil justice system and considering ways to meet the requirements of the Review of Civil Judicial Statistics.