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Accessing Our Data

We want to make it easier for you to access the data that you need, whether that be through information available on our statistics pages on the Scottish Government website, in response to specific requests or by secure access to the various microdata that underlies those statistics. Official statistics produced by Scottish Government are freely available under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

These pages will provide you with information and guidance about how to access the range of data and statistics that are held by Justice Analytical Services in the Scottish Government.

Statistics that we publish in our bulletins

We publish a range of official statistics in a number of statistical bulletins and additional datasets. The Code of Practice for Official Statistics allows us to publish these statistics in as much detail as is reliable and practical to encourage analysis and re-use by others.

You can access this information through the crime and justice statistics publications webpage and the crime and justice statistics datasets webpage.

Accessing background data that are used to produce our statistics

The Code of Practice for Official Statistics requires us to ensure that official statistics are readily accessible to all users. We are committed to making statistics available in as much detail as is reliable and practicable, subject to legal and confidentiality constraints, offering choice and flexibility in the format according to the level of detail required.  Additionally, the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act gives you the right to request information and for it to be given to you unless there are good reasons not to.

We now include information about how we make our data available at the back of each publication. We have done this to increase awareness about what data we have, and make it easier to discover and access in every statistical bulletin.  This data may be accessed in a number of ways:

* Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics

Some of our data, particularly data that is available at lower geographic levels such as Data Zones, will be made available through Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS). SNS is a website that allows you to explore statistics about population, health, employment, crime and more for local areas. Again, all data provided on SNS are available freely under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

* UK data archive

Anonymised copies of Scottish Crime & Justice Survey have been deposited with the UK Data Archive, together with supporting documentation to facilitate wider access to, and analysis of, the information gathered. Information on how to request additional information, special datasets or information to complete follow-up surveys is provided on the SCJS data access page. 

* Requests for analysis

You may also be interested in additional analysis that can be requested from the relevant statistics teams – you’ll find the contact details at the back of each bulletin or on our contacts page. If you wish to access data that are not contained within these resources, you can do so via our central statistics team on 0300 244 0 442  or Further details can be found here:

* Requests for unit level data

In some circumstances – primarily for statistical analysis and research – you might want access to more detailed information than we are normally able to release.  For example if you are looking for access to unit level, or other sensitive information, that is exempt from release under FOI legislation.  In such cases, access will need to be considered through a formal arrangement with the relevant statistics teams.  More information about these data access arrangements, as well as a list of requests that have been made for our data, can be found on the about statistics in Scotland webpages. Here you can access the Application Form for Data Access which is the first formal stage of an application for data held by Justice Analytical Services.

Before completing this form you may find it helpful to contact someone within the division for an initial discussion on your application. If you would find this useful, please email and you will be directed to an appropriate person to help you with your application.

* Data linkage

Further information on data linkage within Justice Analytical Services is available here