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Criminal Justice - Prison Population

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Prison population

The annual daily average prison population has decreased in each of the last five years, falling by 8 per cent over this period, from 8,179 in 2011-12 to 7,552 in 2016-17. This decrease has been largest for remand prisoners which has fallen by 14 per cent, while there has been a more modest decrease of 6 per cent for the sentenced population. The prison population in 2016-17 is the lowest since 2007-08.

Between 2011-12 and 2016-17, the young offender population has almost halved, with numbers for both remand and sentenced prisoners also dropping by this proportion. The average daily population decreased by 7 per cent to 7,185 for men, while the female population decreased by 22 per cent to 366.

The most recent set of prison population projections suggests that the daily prison population in Scotland will remain stable over the projection period.


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Source: Prison Statistics Scotland

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