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Children and Young People - Data Supplier Area - Pre-school Education

Pre-school Education census forms and guidelines

Note: From 2011, only pre-school education information is collected by the Scottish Government.
Childcare workforce data available at 'Social Work Services Workforce' (Scottish Social Services Council reports). Childminder and daycare services data available at the Care Inspectorate (please note that this link is to an external website).

  • 2011/12 pre-school education

Instructions and guidance notes (census now conducted on-line and can be found through this ScotXed link)

  • 2010/11 pre-school education



See 'Pre-school and Childcare Survey' and 'Pre-school and Childcare Workforce Survey' pages for historical pre-school and childcare surveys containg a section on pre-school education.

For publications, see 'Pre-school Education' Publications, 'Pre-school and Childcare' Publications and 'Pre-school and Childcare Workforce' Publications.

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