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Children and Young People - Publications

Pre-school Education and Childcare

Source: The Scottish Government

Description: This publication pulls together statistics on all aspects of childcare in Scotland.

Key Variables: Number of centres and childminders (including pre-school education), services offered, staff and children registered

Figures available by: Type of centre, management arrangements of centre, facilities provided, staff and vacancies, age of children registered, pre-school education children with English as an additional language, with Additional Support Needs and who have a Co-ordinated Support Plan, pre-school education staff and teachers, local authority area, urban/rural areas, level of deprivation.

Frequency of Publication: Annual

Note: From 2011, only pre-school education information is published by the Scottish Government.
Pre-school education data can be found at 'Pre-school Education'
Childcare workforce data is available at 'Social Work Services Workforce' (Scottish Social Services Council reports)
Childminder and daycare services data is available at the Care Inspectorate. Their 'Registered Childcare Services: Annual-Return Statistics' report for December 2010 will be published on 31 October 2011. Please note that this link is to an external website.


Year Published Web Address



Web Address

2010 Sept 2010 Pre-school and childcare statistics 2010


Sept 2009

Pre-school and childcare statistics 2009 (see also Pre-school and childcare workforce statistics 2009)


Sept 2008

Pre-school and childcare statistics 2008 - amended 19 December 2008

There has been a change in the way in which data on the headcount of GTCS Registered Teachers is collected. In previous years the headcount included teachers who worked on a peripatetic basis or were shared with other centres and may have counted them at each centre they worked. In this table the figures in columns 1 to 3 which are headcounts exclude peripatetic teachers. As a result the headcount figures in this years publication are not directly comparable with previous years.


Sept 2007

Pre-school and childcare statistics 2007


Sept 2006

Pre-school and childcare statistics 2006


July 2005

Pre-school and childcare statistics 2005 - amended 8 May 2006


July 2004

Pre-school and childcare statistics 2004


July 2003

Summary results of the 2003 pre-school and daycare census


September 2002

Summary results of the 2002 pre-school and daycare census

Other areas of interest

Scottish Household Survey Analytical Topic Report 2006: Childcare Module

Pre-school Teachers in Scotland by Local Authority, September 2007