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Children and Young People - Publications


Children's Social Work Statistics

Source: The Scottish Government

Description: Local authorities have a responsibility to provide support, security and accommodation to certain children and young people. This publication gives the characteristics of these children in Scotland and combines information which prior to 2002/03 and between 2005/06 and 2008/09 was previously published separately (links below to access historical data).

Key variables:  This publication covers children looked after, child protection and young people in secure care.

Figures available by: Gender, age group, ethnicity, disability status, accommodation type, with a current care plan, starting to be looked after, ceasing to be looked after by length of time, eligible for aftercare, short term placements, children on Child Protection Registers, registrations following initial Case Conference by category of abuse/risk identified at conference, De-registrations by category of abuse, length of time registered and reason for de-registrations, number of secure care and close support units, capacity and usage, staff, children, admissions and discharges.

Frequency of publication: Annual





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2018 March 2019 Children's Social Work Statistics 2017-18 and additional tables - Corrections October 2019 - an errata was published with a minor change to the text of the publication and corrections to additional tables 4.5, 5.1 or 5.5.
2017 March 2018 Children's Social Work Statistics 2016-17 and additional tables- Correction June 2018 made to figures for the number of children both looked after and on the child protection register at 31 July. Correction ​December 2018 - made to figures for time spent on the child protection register.
2016 March 2017

Children's Social Work Statistics 2015-16

Additional Tables

2015 March 2016

Children's Social Work Statistics, 2014-15

Additional Tables - table 4.6 updated April 2016 - main abuser recorded at case conference.

2014 March 2015

Children's Social Work Statistics, 2013-14

Additional Tables

2013 March 2014

Children's Social Work Statistics, 2012-13

Additional Tables - table 2.5 updated October 2014 (number of looked after children by number of placements during past year)

2012 March 2013

Children's Social Work Statistics, 2011-12 - amendment to table 2.5 (de-registrations from child protection register) to the figures in the '% change 2011-2012' column (30 September 2013).

Additional Tables

2011 February 2012

Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland, No.1:  2012 Edition

Publication Tables/Charts and Additional Tables (Table 1 of Child Protection Additional Tables corrected 15 June 2012) - INCLUDES REVISIONS TO CHILDREN LOOKED AFTER PUBLICATION TABLES AND ADDITIONAL TABLES (19 MARCH 2013)


September 2010

Children's social work statistics 2009-10


October 2005

Children's social work statistics 2004-05


October 2004

Children's social work statistics 2003-04


October 2003

Children's social work statistics 2002-03

* Part of combined Children's Social Work Statistics publication

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