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Children Looked After

Source: The Scottish Government

Description: Local authorities have a responsibility to provide support to certain vulnerable young people. These young people are known as 'looked after children' (they were previously known as 'children in care or under supervision'). The bulletin gives the characteristics of these children in Scotland.

Key variables: The number of children looked after, and those starting and ceasing to be looked after in the previous year. Outcomes for looked after children, including educational attainment, accommodation type and economic activity.

Figures available by: Gender, age group, ethnicity, disability status, reason for being looked after and local authority area.

Frequency of publication: Annual




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Children Looked After Statistics 2009-10 , Additional CLAS Tables

Children Looked After Statistics 2008-09 - revised







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October 2005

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Children Looked After Statistics 2007-08 - revised

Children Looked After Statistics 2006-07

Looked after children 2005-06 - revised

Children's social work statistics 2004-05


October 2004

Children's social work statistics 2003-04


October 2003

Children's social work statistics 2002-03


November 2002

Children looked after 2001-02


May 2002

Children looked after in the year to 31 March 2001

* Part of combined Children's Social Work Statistics publication

**Looked After Children 2005-06 publication originally published on 16 November 2006 has been revised on 7 December 2006 due to incorrect information regarding the change in percentage points of care leavers achieving academic qualifications from the previous year. This affects the fifth bullet point on the first page, chart 3 and tables 3.3 and 3.4.

(1) Children Looked After Statistics 2007-08 publication originally published on 26 November 2008 has been revised on 27 February 2009. Table 3.6 contained incorrect information on the per cent of young people entitled to aftercare services that were still in touch with social services. The total number in touch with social services is the total number eligible for aftercare services minus the number no longer in touch with social services. The percentage previously calculated had incorrectly excluded 'not knowns' also. The percentages in column 2 of Table 3.6 of the publication have been amended and a footnote added.

(2) Children Looked After Statistics 2007-08 publication originally published on 26 November 2008 has been revised on 30 June 2009. Table 2.1 contained incorrect percentage of population rates for the 18-21 age group and the total age groups. This was because 19-21 year olds had also been included. This has now been amended as follows: 18-21 is calculated as a percentage of 18 year olds and total rates are calculated as a percentage of 0-18s.

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