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Early Learning and Childcare Data Transformation Project

The Scottish Government Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) census is an important mechanism for gathering information from services that deliver the funded ELC entitlement. It has been recognised that the current ELC census is not sufficient to provide the information necessary to manage this growing sector and is burdensome for data providers to complete, with little benefit to them. The ELC Data Transformation Project (ELC DTP) has been developed, based on the recommendations set out to in response to the findings of the ELC data consultation, to address the perceived shortcomings. The ELC DTP aims to improve the information gathered and expand the analysis that will be possible for this sector.


Data Trials

In order to deliver the new data collection and collection process, it is necessary to carry out trials to test certain changes with the process along the way.

The first trial was conducted in May 2017, testing collecting data in term 3 (April/May, rather than in September) and collecting data directly from local authorities rather than from ELC settings. It also included registrations for funded ELC with childminders, which is not captured in the current census.

The second trial was conducted in June 2018, testing the process for collecting individual level data on children accessing funded ELC from local authorities. This trial also tested the changes to the SEEMiS system to allow the required data to be recorded and extracted, and tested the new ProcXed system set up for this collection. 


Advisory Group

The ELC Census Development Advisory Group will have the responsibility of shaping and overseeing the work programme to identify and address issues with the ELC census. 

The work of this group will be to:

  • Engage with the development of the collection and implement the recommendations from the consultation, and encourage stakeholders to engage with the developments.

  • Help determine key activities to meet project objectives, agreeing relative priorities, translating this to the implementation strategy to ensure delivery.

  • Help define the requirements of the collection, using own knowledge of what information is feasible and necessary to collect.

  • Identify key contacts, with adequate representation across the sector, to involve in the work, advising on the best way to engage with them.

  • Assist in the delivery of objectives, through participation in key activities and contributions to workstreams.

  • Make decisions based on findings from key activities, drawing on expertise, knowledge and experience and advise on the best course of action to the Strategic Evidence Group.


Privacy Information

The privacy impact of the project has been considered and is explained in the Data Protection Impact Assessment.

There is a Privacy Notice available which details the data items to be collected, how the data is going to be securely processed and the purpose for this data being collected.

A Data Sharing Statement has been produced detailing how personal data shared with the Scottish Government through the ELC data trials and census is processed by Education Analytical Services. This statement reflects the privacy notice and provides additional details to support data providers involved in providing ELC data. 


Further Information

For further information on the project please contatct us as ELCDataTransformation@gov.scot