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SABS Consultation


Scottish Annual Business Statistics publication contains data mainly on the Manufacturing, Construction and Service Sectors in Scotland. The Annual Business Survey, from which the statistics are derived, covers approximately two thirds of the economy. The main sectors not covered are the financial sector and some of the public sector. These statistics are therefore best suited to the analysis of individual industries rather than the economy as a whole.

Published Tables include information on businesses' employees, turnover, purchases, approximate gross value added and labour costs. Data are classified according to industry group, geographical area and ownership.

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A user consultation seeking users' views on the current format and content of the publication was carried out between the 18th March 2011 and the 13th May 2011.

Summary of Consultation and Scottish Government Response

A report summarising the findings from the consultation and the Scottish Government response is available.


If you have any further queries please send these to:

industrystatistics@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or please phone 0300 244 6802.