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Innovation and Research & Development - R&D Business Expenditure

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: December, 2017

R&D Business Expenditure

Scottish BERD expenditure increased by 10.1% in real terms compared to 2015 figures. UK expenditure increased by 3.3% in real terms over this period.

BERD expenditure was 0.72% of Scottish GDP in 2016, the comparable figure was 1.12% for the UK.

Within the UK, a high share of BERD expenditure takes place within the South East (21.1%) and the East of England (19.8%) regions, which together are responsible for 40.9% of all R&D expenditure in the UK. In terms of expenditure as a percentage of GDP, Scotland ranked eighth out of the 12 UK regions/countries in 2016.

The graph below shows how Scotland compares against other areas of the UK – in terms of BERD expenditure as a share of GDP.

BERD as percentage of GDP

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Source: ONS and Scottish Government

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