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Energy - Electricity Generation

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: Thursday, December 22, 2016

Electricity Generation

Renewables were again the single largest source of electricity generated in Scotland in 2015 (42%) – higher than both nuclear generation (35%) and fossil fuel generation (22%). Scotland continued to be a net exporter of electricity, exporting 28.9% of total generation in 2015, up from 23.7% in 2014. Overall electricity generation in Scotland increased by 1,225 GWh to 51,200 GWh in 2015.

In 2015 renewables generated 42% of Scotland’s electricity output—the single highest contributor to electricity generation. Nuclear output increased from 33.3% to 34.7% in 2015. Overall the levels of fossil fuel output decreased from 27.7% of total Scottish generation in 2014 to 22.0% in 2015. The proportion of generation from gas fell from 5.5% to 3.7%.

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Source: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


(1) Coal includes a small quantity of non-renewable wastes and other thermal.

(2) Other renewables includes wind, wave, tidal, solar power and thermal renewables.

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