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Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors 

Growth Sector Table

Scotland's Economic Strategy 2015 defines the Growth Sectors (GS) to include:
      Food & Drink (including agriculture & fisheries)
      Creative Industries (including digital)
      Sustainable Tourism
      Energy (including renewables)
      Financial & Business Services
      Life Sciences

The Growth Sectors (also known as Key Sectors) are defined using Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 2007 codes. The following Table contains data for Growth Sectors but only for those SIC 2007 codes fully covered in the Annual Business Survey (ABS). Please note that full Growth Sector definitions for Food & Drink and Financial & Business Services include other industry SIC 2007 codes not covered in the ABS.

Please note that employment used in SABS Growth Sectors Table at link below will not always equal that found in Databases for Growth Sector Statistics (where employment is sourced to BRES), due to methodological differences between sources. Recommend using SABS employment when also using financial variables from this source.  

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